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MIM Athletics is a body weight movement facility in Syracuse, New York. We offer a variety of specialty classes like calisthenics strength and conditioning, handstands, partner acrobatics, obstacle course racing, and stretching. If you are an adult looking for a pragmatic approach to any or all of these movement practices then we have something to offer .


MIM stands for movement is motive where we focus on moving your body through space with a holistic approach connecting mind, body, and breath. 

We don't place importance on looks, instead we value how you feel and what you can do. We set out to provide an experience that makes you feel good and shows that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. 

We offer specialized 1 on 1 training for people looking for an individualized touch to their fitness journey. Personal training clients will work with a certified trainer on a specific program tailored to their needs. Whether the goal is to develop more core strength, increase flexibility and mobility, lose weight, or just feel better overall, we have a fit for you. It shouldn't be the norm to feel worse with age, let's connect and get you on the path of feeling better as you get older. Skill specific training is also available for athletes of all ages, fast-track your progress with skills like handstands, pull ups, muscle ups, acrobatics, american ninja warrior, and more!

A student doing calisthenics in a home online workout

At Home Online Calisthenics Workouts

MIM online workouts are designed using the same approach as the classes in our facility.  We are currently offering two different options for online training, 

You can find four classes live via ZOOM every week. Keep up with your fitness and movement practices with Systematic Calisthenics, Handstands 101, and Full Body Stretch & Recovery.

We are also offering a free strength program if you are looking for more of an independent approach. This program is structured using Systematic Calisthenics programming and built to develop push strength, leg mobility, and core strength. Follow along with owner Patrick DiBello as he guides you through a full body workout in the comfort of your very own home. It may be difficult to get motivated, but the game plan is written and you will feel great afterwards. 

Online training home workouts

Handstand Tutorial

A personal trainer teaching a fitness tutorial for online classes

Group Classes

Are you looking for accountability? Do you want the motivation of a trainer and your peers to help push you through a workout? Our speciality group classes are a perfect fit for anyone looking for a community dynamic during their workout. Whether it's Systematic Calisthenics, handstand class, partner acro, or OCR, you have a welcoming space to practice your craft with others while being guided through your journey with a fitness professional. Plus, a 60 second hollow body hold is much more fun with friends.


404 North Midler Ave 

Syracuse, NY 13206

Suite 13

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