We offer a variety of movement based classes that will teach you how to master your body weight and challenge your proprioception in new ways. Our training revolves around calisthenics movements designed to increase total body strength, flexibility and mobility. MIM Athletics is a World Calisthenics Organization affiliated gym. MIM Athletics is welcoming to all fitness levels.

We pride ourselves on functional movements that include multiple body parts, including muscles and joints, moving in multiple ranges of motion. When full body movements are done under control you will develop strength and endurance in a manner that will carry over to your everyday life. Our emphasis on flexibility and mobility will aim to have you moving better and feeling better than ever. We offer unique classes for all levels that will provide results while having fun and doing things you may have never thought possible. It is our mission to change your life, and we look forward to taking the journey with you! 


Patrick DiBello

Certified Personal Trainer

Patrick DiBello considers himself a student of movement, and he explores yoga, calisthenics, and partner acrobatics as his primary methods of training.  His personal training certification and food and nutrition specialist certification are through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Patrick is an Elite Coach with the World Calisthenics Organization and competes at Battle of the Bars, a freestyle calisthenics competition where participants compete and display strength using only their bodyweight. 

Patrick has been a student and teacher of body weight movement for seven years and is passionate about helping people start and grow their journey to increased functional movement. He is also a yoga instructor at Syracuse Yoga.