Class descriptions

Systematic Calisthenics

 Calisthenics is the art of using your own bodyweight to build strength and conditioning. In this class we use an educated approach to calisthenics that offers progressions and modifications to each student as they need it. Get a full body workout while increasing strength, flexibility, and cardio. This class is great for all fitness levels. It helps prepare for general fitness goals, running events, american ninja warrior, obstacle course training, and more. 

This class is taught by Patrick DiBello; Systematic Calisthenics Coach.

What is Systematic Calisthenics?

Systematic Calisthenics is the first to establish a Strength Pyramid categorizing over 108 movements across 16 levels- ranging from those who cannot yet do a Push-up to professionals working toward their Planche, and every person in between. It is is specific class of training that utilizes three primary push and two primary pull movements as indicators of one's strength level, with the goal of graduating to the next series of movements.This system takes both a balanced and systematic approach to strength training, with a large focus on understanding the use of regressions and progressions. Systematic Calisthenics was founded with one goal in mind: Evolve the current vision of Calisthenics to one more easy-to-understand and implement for all ages, body types, and skill levels via a structured and rewarding learning experience!

Handstands 101 


This is an all level handstand class; you do not have to be able to do a handstand to attend. Students will work through beneficial drills as they are relatable to handstands. We will work on building your handstand foundations from the ground up while training core strength and engagement. Throughout these classes students will practice different forms of handstands stemming from yoga, gymnastics, and circus arts. This class is beneficial for Crossfit athletes, yogis, acrobats, and gymnasts alike. Whether you are just starting you inversion journey or looking to further the progress of your current handstands this class will give you plenty of tools to add to your practice.


Partner Acrobatics Foundations

Partner acrobatics is a practice that combines skills from yoga, cheerleading, dance, and circus arts. This class is for first time, beginner, and intermediate practitioners. You do not need a partner to attend and no experience is needed. The class structure will allow you to understand the important concepts of working with another person while developing strength, balance, and coordination using partner acrobatic drills and calibrations. This class is perfect for first timers! Partner Acro is also known as Acro Yoga, Syracuse has a growing community and you will fit right in with these progressively taught classes. 

OCR Training


This class is designed to help prepare you for obstacle course races and keep you in top shape throughout the winter. Whether it’s Spartan, Tough Mudder, The Fingerlakes Mud Run, or even American Ninja Warrior, you will be more ready than ever. Training includes grip strength, obstacles, and cardio to cover all of the important aspects of OCR. The workout will also include a specialized calisthenics program specific to building pull up strength to bring more ease to obstacles like the rope climb, monkey bars, and rings. You do not have to be training for a race to attend this class. This class is for all fitness levels.

Full Body Stretch & Recovery


This class is for all fitness levels and is even great for the less active individuals. If you workout regularly then you develop tight and overactive muscles. If you  have a taxing day job that requires a lot of standing, sitting, or repetitive motions, then you will also develop muscle tightness and imbalances. Full body stretch and recovery will use beneficial stretching and recovery techniques to target tight and overactive muscles from head to toe. This is a low intensity class perfect for everybody.