Fitness Tips

20 minute full body stretch class

Follow along with this full body stretch class that uses static stretching to lengthen tight muscles and increase range of motion. It is only 20 minutes long and can be beneficial for everyone to do a couple of times a week.

Lower body calisthenics workout

This lower body circuit will get your legs burning and heart pumping as you are challenged through different squat variations and single leg movements that test your strength and stability. Give it a try if you are up for the challenge!

Full body workout with household items

This video shows how to utilize everyday household items to get a full body workout doing push, pull, lunges, and core.

intro to soft tissue work

Self care is a very important part of maintaining a healthy physical fitness practice. Nothing can replace or replicate the tissue work done by a professional like a massage therapist, but implementing a daily routine that consists of soft tissue work combined with stretching and strengthening will provide the best results when it comes to being strong and mobile. Check out this video where I explain the benefits of soft tissue and myofascial release work, as well as share my favorite tools to use at home.

Full Body Warm up

If you know me you know that I think a warm up is one of the most important parts of the workout. You MUST warm up the machine and prepare it for activity. Even if you don't work out you can do this to start your day each morning. In this video you can follow right along with me for the whole routine so set your phone up and let's rock!

Home core workout

Today's workout is going to focus on core strength! It's a timed workout that utilities holds and movement to challenge your core strength and stability. A mat to lie on is optional but I recommend downloading an interval timer app to make this work out smooth and efficient. All instruction is in the video so press play and have some fun

Full Body Home Calisthenics workout: Dips and Cardio

Who is ready for a real bodyweight challenge? Today we are stepping it up by adding in a bit of cardio at the end of our strength and endurance workout. There is also a new exercise called chair dips because I'd like to help everyone build some push strength in ways other than just push-ups. So if you have a chair or two handy, grab them! Here is today's workout! Let me know if you have any questions and as always, have fun!

Chair dips- 5 reps
Prisoner Squats- 10 reps
Chest lifts- 10 reps
3-5 sets total

Pushups- 10-12 reps 2 sets: 30 second rest between sets


Kickback to plank 30 seconds/Mountain climbers 30 seconds
2-3 sets: 60 second rest between sets

This full body workout is designed using @systematic.calisthenics programming that focuses on methodically building strength and endurance using their level system. Always use modifications when needed, and remember to do slow and controlled movements.

Full Body Home Calisthenics workout

Bottom Pushup Hold: 10-20 seconds- Hold the bottom of a pushup with your elbows at a 45 degree angle and your core engaged. If your elbows flare out or your back arches, drop to your knees and hold the position that way.

Negative Pistol squat: 5 on each leg- Lower through the pistol squat as low as you can with control, set your butt on the ground and roll on to your back with a rounded spine, from there use the momentum to return back to your feet to stand up through your squat. To make this more difficult, roll back up to one foot and stand up through the pistol squat. To make this easier, just perform regular squats going as low as you can with good form, or work on the single leg squats in the video posted yesterday.

Plank lower and lift: 10 reps- From a plank position, lower your hips to a modified up dog position(feet do not change positions) and then use your core to pull your hips back up to the plank position. If this hurts your back,do not lower down so much. These can also be done from a forearm plank position. This will be easier to do the lift but may be a little harder to hold the plank. It uses less range of motion for the hips to go down and up.

Complete this for a total of 3-5 times depending on your fitness level. Do slow and controlled movements and feel free to take a minute of stretching rest in between each set. If you want a little more of a workout, I suggest adding some cardio to the end of it. Try intervals of jumping jacks, butt kicks, and high knees. 60 second rounds, with a 30 second rest. Repeat 2-3 times.

Full Body Home Calisthenics workout

Walking planks: 5 Reps- from standing, reach down to the floor and begin to walk your hands out to a plank position. Keep your hands flat and firm on the ground and your hips in control the entire time. Walk your hands back until you can stand up to the start position. You can bend your knees going up and down if you need to.

Elevated split squat: 5-10 each leg- Place your back leg on a box, couch or chair. Step your front foot forward enough so your foot is under your knee and squat as much as you can comfortably. You can substitute lunges for these.

Plank rotations: 20 reps- From a straight arm plank, rotate to a side plank while keeping your core engaged, hips stable, and hands pushing firmly into the ground. Do not sink into your shoulders when performing this movement, keep pushing the floor away the entire time. If you need to modify, spread your legs hips distance apart, or drop your knees.

Static leg extension with overhead mobility: 5-15 second hold- lie on your back with your knees bent, extend your arms overhead until they touch the floor. Keep your low back flat on the ground the entire time as you straighten your legs to the ceiling and start to lower them towards the ground. Stop your legs once you feel your back is going to start to arch, hold that position pressing your back and arms in to the floor.

Complete this for a total of 3-5 times depending on your fitness level. Do slow and controlled movements and feel free to take a minute of stretching rest in between each set. Don't forget about your post workout stretch, at least 3-5 minutes.

Handstand Tips for beginners

In this video I explain why using the back to wall method for handstand training is not the best approach. I also demonstrate my favorite way to train balance using a chest to wall handstand.

Key Points:

  • Lack of control with the fingers

  • Improper form with banana back

Post workout stretches

Wall straddle stretch- 1-2 minutes
Seated straddle stretch- 1-2 minutes
Wall chest stretch - 30 seconds each side
Crossover shoulder stretch - 20 seconds each side
Hip 90/90- 60 seconds each side

Push up tutorial

In this video I show how to do a proper push-up by engaging the entire body and I show my two favorite modifications to help build push up strength.

Hip 90/90 Stretch

This is a great stretch for the hips and glute medius.

Shoulder stretches

Here are a couple of my go to stretches when I'm feeling tight in my shoulders or chest. These will be very helpful for people who find themselves sitting for extended periods of time whether behind a desk or steering wheel. They will also be beneficial for athletes who have discomfort in their shoulders during pushing movements. Enjoy!

Morning Stretches

Get your day started right with a few exercises from my morning routine. You can do them in the comfort of your own home right when you get out of bed or sip some coffee on the patio while you move under the morning sun.

alleviate Foot pain

Those of us that are on our feet a lot tend to end up with foot pain or tightness in the bottoms of their feet. In this video I provide one myofascial release technique and one static stretching technique to alleviate foot pain. Working these two exercises will also help with mobility in your lower body.

Full body active warm up

These active stretches are a great way to promote blood flow and muscle activation from head to toe. They can be used as a pick me up to get your day started or even serve as a warm up before a work out. These exercises can be done by everyone!

Beginner/Intermediate Handstand drills

Are you someone that wants to start learning handstands? Or maybe you have a handstand practice and are looking for some new drills to break through those discouraging plateaus. These are some of my go to handstand drills because they target some key points in the handstand. Straight arm strength, core strength, shoulder mobility, shoulder extension, leg engagement/glute activation, finding your line, and maintaining your line

Full exercise descriptions can be found in the description section of the YouTube video..

Lower body mobility

Active mobility sequence with modification

This mobility sequence will take you through various poses in one sequence to work through multiple parts of the body. You can work your way up to doing this flat on the ground but itting on amat raises your hips allowing you to go from seated to low squat. This requires a lot of ankle mobility that you can build up over time. Start with the mat at an easy height and slowly start to lower it until you can do this from the ground.

Wrist stretches

Wrist health is beneficial for everyone but especially those who are training handstands or arm balances. If that's you then you should have a daily wrist routine to perform before your training sessions. If you aren't in to handstands or fitness at all you can still benefit from this video. Start out with 5 reps of each exercise and as you get stronger work your way up to 10 reps.