Handstand classes

Think MIM Athletics for Partner Acrobatics Classes

There are many benefits to learning and taking acrobatics and partner acrobatics classes. Many who begin these classes at a young age retain those benefits they have gained, such as balance and flexibility. From handstand classes to basic acrobatics courses, these benefits also have practical application to our daily lives.

Better balance, improved strength, and a stronger core are only a few of the benefits realized by those who have taken partner acrobatics classes. These types of classes, like the aforementioned handstand classes, make daily chores easier. These types of classes increase flexibility and promote injury prevention and these types of classes can be found at MIM Athletics.

Welcome to MIM Athletics, where health and fitness meet common sense and life. Our team will work to build a program around your needs, your experience level (even if that is zero), and around your life. Do you work in an office, as a stay at home parent, or does your work keep you traveling constantly? Whatever type of lifestyle you lead, acrobatics training can help improve the quality of your life.

If you want to learn more about acrobatics classes or about what our handstand classes are all about, our experienced and helpful team is here to help. Our trainers, our staff, and even our members will act as your support group and your biggest fans.

Contact MIM Athletics and let us help you discover the fun of acrobatics classes, and all the benefits too!