We have a new found love for the obstacle course race life over here at MIM Athletics. Our preferred OCR is the Spartan Race but we also love The Fingerlakes Mud Run. OCR is a great hobby because it encourages community along with full body training so the benefits are abundant. 


To excel at OCR you must be efficient with bodyweight exercises and have a strong cardiovascular system. If you are competing then you are going to have to be a solid runner. If you just like to hit a race to have some fun with your friends then I encourage conditioning your cardio with some challenging hikes. An accurate form of cardio based on your goals, and an educated approach to bodyweight training is the recipe for success in obstacle course racing.


At MIM we host OCR training classes weekly. Team MIM Athletics trains together and races together in various races throughout the year. You do not have to race under team MIM in order to attend these classes. If you have a current team that you race with we still encourage you to come and practice your skills. If you don’t have a team and are looking for a group of likeminded individuals, we encourage you to join us. Unlike other OCR classes, we train numerous obstacles that you will see in every Spartan Race and many other races like it. Combining obstacles with professional level bodyweight training you will be comfortable and confident when you get to the start line of whatever race you choose. 


Check out some photos of our team traveling the US and Canada to compete in Spartan Races. With a handful of us earning our trifecta last year, many others half their eye on the prize in 2020.


Accomplished Races Include:


2019 Tuxedo, NY Sprint  

2019 Palmerton, PA Super

2019 Duntroon, ON Beast

2019 Vernon, NJ Sprint

2020 Fort Mcdowell, AZ Sprint

2020 Greek Peak, NY Sprint