• Patrick DiBello

The New and Improved MIM Athletics

I am extremely proud and grateful for how the new MIM Athletics has turned out. One of my main goals is to set people up for success more than I was when I was at the place of my journey that they are. I have gone through the process and cleared a path of least resistance that I intend to use to guide as many people through that are willing to join. In short, if I knew then what I know now. I don’t know everything but will I continue to educate myself to help people reach their goals in the safest and most efficient manner.

The Vision

My new facility is the beginning of my vision coming full circle. It is a welcoming space that is the perfect environment for a one on one client or group classes. It features safe flooring and mats for specialty classes like handstands and partner acrobatics. The high ceilings provide endless opportunities for acro, ninja warrior, and potential aerial arts. It’s spacious enough for more than one thing to be going on at once, a class can be going on at the same time as a one on one session without interference and everyone still getting the most out of the space (I have always wanted to find a movement practitioner/instructor in the area that was interested operating out of MIM Athletics). A comfortable lobby area is available for a smooth transition in to the studio or a place for the family to chill while their loved ones are training. We have plenty of parking and signage to represent my business in a professional way. I’ve always wanted a facility that matched the quality of service that I provide and I am more than comfortable that we created exactly that.

Welcome Physical FX!

Above I mentioned having an instructor run their business out of MIM so I am happy and proud to have Physical FX, Primitive Fitness Development as part of the MIM Family. Owner and head trainer Jason Muratore will be running Physical FX out of MIM and what he offers is exactly what I want my clients and members exposed to. He has 26 years of martial arts experience and over 20 years of teaching experience. He is intelligent and humble and brings the exact kind of energy that I want to be around. He has owned Physical FX since 2010 and has operated out of the same location until now. He is making a big change by moving his business to the other side of town but I am glad to have him and looking forward to welcoming him and his clients to our family. Over time Jason has deepened his practice as he combines his martial arts background with other natural movements that he likes to explore to create a unique movement based practice. Often times when I see him training a client it looks like I am watching myself. There are numerous ways to do things so it’s not always done the same exact way that I do but the vision is the same and the intent behind it is the same as well. We are both providing clients with beneficial movements or poses that create the foundation for a healthy fitness journey. Jason will never sacrifice the quality of his training for a fad so you can always count on getting what you need to help improve your life. I am excited for people to have the opportunity to learn from him under our roof. Visit his website to find class information and much more! www.physicalfxfitness.com

The Build Out

This place was nothing but a dirty white box when we came in and we did everything in our power to change that. We immediately came in and started brainstorming. Drawing chalk lines on the floor and using agility cones to mark where mats and bars were going to go. We were so pumped to start envisioning our process that we couldn’t wait, even though our landlord still had a few vehicles stored in the warehouse space. And even though it was a lot of work it was still a pretty smooth process for the most part. I’m lucky to have a partner like Jason to help me though; it’s not often to do a project with someone that has the same work ethic as you. It also helps that that he is one extremely handy individual. With both of us balancing between running our current facilities and other life commitments we did the best we could in making time to clean, paint, and do all the other work needed before we could move in. Of course it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our friends and family.

Ideas and Energy

Throughout the time we tossed around ideas, some that stuck and some that didn’t. Either way we challenged our creativity and it all came out great. For the most part everything you see was once just an idea, from forming this partnership, to building out this facility, and running our businesses side by side. So far the feedback on the new facility has been wonderful. One of the most meaningful compliments we have been getting is the vibe and the energy that you feel when you step into our studio. This is only the beginning so there will be plenty more ideas to execute and the positive vibes will continue to energize our students as we all enjoy this journey of movement together. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and thank you for your continued support.

Much Love,


Please enjoy some progress picture starting from the first days I received the keys.