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Calisthenics VS Weightlifting: Curls

Bodyweight curls vs Dumbbell curls Calisthenics can be a little more difficult to understand how to apply than traditional weight lifting because it's not as common, plus it's very easy to go in to a gym and know what to do on a specific machine or weight. This post is meant to show you how to replace a traditional weight lifting exercise with a calisthenic exercises that provides the same results with even a little more benefit. Ring curls are great because they take a traditional curl exercise that isolates the biceps, and turns it in to a full body exercise that requires total body tension while going through the bicep curl range of motion. This burns more calories and develops more strength since there are more muscles required to do the task. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line like a plank, your body shape should never change as your arms control the movement. Give this a try with a set of rings or TRX straps. Keep in mind that while performing the movements on a suspension trainer they can be made more difficult by stepping your feet forward more. You'll notice me make this adjustment in the video. When using dumbbells or a bar, we know that if we add more pounds the exercise will be more difficult, however, it's not always that clear when doing calisthenics. Much like lifting weights, in order to increase the difficulty in calisthenics we have to increase the weight, but we do it by adding leverage, not pounds. The more you increase the leverage the more bodyweight you are actually moving. This is an important concept to understand when training calisthenics because it allows you to be in control of your training. Once you understand this you can progress through your exercises by adding more of your bodyweight to exercises like rows, pull ups, leg raises, hollow body holds, and more. Check out my blog on building strength to apply the concept of leverage to this very exercise. It's a great way to build strength to your chin up.

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